quality polyethylene film

We manufacture FDA approved polyethylene blown film using prime resins. We offer mono-layer and 3-layer co-extruded film in no-slip, medium slip, high slip, linear clarity and/or other special blends; including Biopolymer blends to meet your needs. If your needs include 0.40 mil. to 8 mil in size and from 4 inches to 62 inches, call us for the latest prices and delivery.


Extrusion Bubble Image

Our equipment allows many film sizes and constructions to meet your requirements, and our computer controlled equipment assures you of repeatable quality every order.

Layflat tube ................................................. 4 inches to 62 inches
Gusset tube ............. 4 inches x 2 inches to 48 inches x 30 inches
Center-fold and J-Fold ................................ 4 inches to 62 inches
J-Fold lip sizes ............................................. 1/4 inch to 8 inches
Single wound sheet ..................................... 4 inches to 62 inches

  • All film is wound on 3 inch cores under careful tension control to assure quality roll conformity. 6 inch cores can be accommodated
  • Lower minimum orders than many film producers. Order as little as 150 pounds of narrow tubing 4 inches to 14 inches or 500 pounds in the
    15 inch to 48 inch range. Larger sizes may require 1000 pounds minimum depending upon construction.
  • Film may be corona treated for printing or adhesive applications.
  • Film may be printed in-line and/or on our high speed stack and CI Flexo presses capable of printing 4 color line work or up to 6 color process designs.


quality polyethylene bags

We can make many bag constructions including wicketed side seal, standard bottom seal, draw tape, handle, zipper, duplex and special constructions. Vented or water-tight applications can be accommodated. Bags perforated on rolls (POR) and separated bags in-line may also be manufactured.


Sample Bag Compilation


Quality Polyethylene Bags


Starting with quality blown film made with prime FDA resins, we custom manufacture a variety of bags to meet your specifications. all bags manufactured may be printed or unprinted. Types of bags include side seal and bottom seal bags, bags perforated on rolls and separated bags in line. We will make the size and construction to meet almost any package requirement for which monolayer and co-extruded polyethylene can be used, within the limits of our equipment. Clear, colored opaque, or color tints available.


Bags Perforated on Rolls


Many bag applications can be satisfied by using inexpensive bags perforated on rolls. These bags are made as the film is being extruded and are wound on cores. We can print one color in-line as well, though limitations apply. Sheets can also be made on a roll, both unprinted and printed (limitations apply). This approach is very economical for applications such as box liners, trash compactor bags, wood chips, mulch or any other material where a simple, low tech bag is adequate.

  • Broad range of sizes are available.
  • 3 inch and 1 inch cores available.
  • Rolls can be wrapped and plugged and/or boxed
  • Vents can be made into bags where needed (limitations apply). Reasonable minimums, from 150 pounds to 1,500 pounds depending on size and construction.


Separated Bags In-Line


Bags may also be made in an individually separated, case packed format. This approach is more expensive than bags on a roll, but still less expensive than bags produced out of line. Similar limitations apply for printing, size, and minimum quantity.



Specialty Products and Services

We offer a variety of film and bags for specialty applications including Eco-Friendly Biopolymer film and bags for sustainable packaging applications. US Postal Service approved mail overwrap and 3-layer co-extruded film that provides the opportunity to provide film structures with optical and physical properties that can typically not be achieved by mono-layer structures alone.


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Example of MPC FKuR Biodegradeable Bag


Manchester Packaging Company's Green Initiatives


Manchester Packaging Company believes in taking green initiatives. Not only do we recycle and reprocess polyethylene scrap, we also provide our customers with environmentally friendly biopolymer film and bag options.

Our biopolymer film and bags are made of starch-based polymers or polyester/PLA blends. These biopolymers include materials derived from corn starch, potato starch, or bacterially produced polyesters. Several biopolymers are available for flexible packaging film and bags. We offer FKuR Bioflex (polyester/PLA) resins and degradable additives.

Please ask one of our knowledgeable Customer Service Representatives for more information regarding your eco-friendly options.


U.S. Postal Service Approved Mail Overwrap


Manchester Packaging Company provides Mail Overwrap, approved for use on automation rate flat-size mail pieces in compliance with DMM standards of the U.S. Postal Service, effective February 1, 2007. Our polywrap can be used on automation flat-size first-class mail, perodicals and standard mail and on barcoded bound printed matter mail pieces, as certified by the U.S. Postal Service.


Co-Extruded Film


Our new three layer Co-Extrusion line takes advantage of the characteristics of the film and equipment. Co-Extruded film may provide improved physical properties and reduction in additives required for good processing.

Please contact us to discuss your specialty product needs.


Manufacturers and mailers of flat-size mail must comply with USPS-T-3204, which went into effect February 4, 2007. In 2006, the USPS conducted a thorough study of automatable polywrap films to ensure compatibility of automation flats with flats sequencing systems (FSS) and stand alone mail prep (SAMP) according to standards AFSM 100 and UFSM 1000

Our USPS Poly Mailer Film was approved by the USPS meeting the T-3204 Standard in 2011.

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