About Manchester Packaging Company

Founded in 1969 by Charles and Agnes Armistead, Manchester Packaging Company had two goals in mind:

  1. Provide quality products and services to their customers.
  2. Provide their employees with an enjoyable and fairly compensated work environment.

Through the years, Manchester Packaging Company has NOT ONLY proven to be successful in meeting these goals, but has continued to grow and improve the principles upon which the company was first founded.


Manchester Packaging Company leaders are dedicated to maintaining the exceptional level of service and time honored quality standards established nearly 50 years ago. Focused on the common goal of providing superior products and services, our leaders establish and share a clear vision for their departments, provide the tools and knowledge necessary to realize that vision and continually assess and coordinate the various interests of all members and stakeholders. Administration, Human Resources, and Sales Personnel work together in the best interest of the company and our customers.


Our knowledgeable Customer Service Representatives are dedicated to maintaining the highest customer satisfaction. They accurately and promptly assist our customers with whatever the need may arise for their custom order. From initial order, to issue resolution, to general customer management; our loyal staff is here to assist you.


As a family owned and operated company, in conducting our business, we embrace a core set of values which demonstrate our competitive advantage as follows:

All of these coupled with hard work and determination demonstrate that our combined efforts do not go unnoticed. Whether the output is related to our products or our service, we believe excellence is a concerted effort on all parts of the Manchester Packaging Company Family. We take pride in the fact that every employee makes a contribution to the merit of goods and services which we provide.