We use the latest in flexographic printing technology to print your design on custom blown polyethylene film.

We are capable of printing 1 to 8 colors in either line or process printed designs, surface printed film, reverse printed film, surface printed bags, or reverse printed bags.

We do not create or design the artwork for printing. We only accept artwork and designs direct from the customer.

Our printing inks are blended in house using computer color matching for most applications. Since we manufacture our own polyethylene blown film, we can control the quality and lead time to your advantage. This assures you of uniform printed roll stock for your packagaing line, reducing down time and scrap while increasing company profits.


We use high speed stack and CI Flexo presses capable of printing 4 color line work or up to 8 color process designs on polyethylene and polypropylene flexible films.


Using your custom art work or electronic art files, we work with our plate makers to provide you with quality rubber or photopolymer printer plates that are accurate and production efficient. Most of the plates we use are Kodak Flexcel plates. Good high quality plates make it easier to produce crisp quality images.


We blend our inks in-house for applications requiring color match, fade resistance, and heat resistance. Our computerized ink blending process includes Pantone © Color Match.

Additionally, we utilize automatic viscosity control assuring color consistency throughout the printing process. We offer a variety of ink technology and color blending capabilities that ensures quality for your custom print.